How concerted Efforts of E-newspaper & E-marketing Are Helping Online Shoppers

The technology has progressed over years and it has created an eco-friendly way of information system in every field. In the past, marketers used fliers to advertise their products and display deals to attract customers. This resulted in a consumption of huge quantity of paper, which is sourced from natural resources. The cutting of trees is required to manufacture paper, which means losing our natural resources in abundance, causing detrimental effects to a natural environment. Thanks to a digital technology that has saved abundance of natural resources by creating paperless information system.

Complemented concepts of e-commerce and e-newspaper

The concepts of e-newspaper and e-commerce arrived after advent of internet technology and both these concepts complemented one-another by sharing information system. The e-commerce marketers used online information system, e-newspapers, etc. like guatemala-times.comand e-newspapers offered good marketing support to e-commerce platforms. The benefits of concerted efforts of these two concepts go to customers that receive benefits of right information about products they intend to buy online.

Why source in English language is best

E-newspapers are published in many languages across different parts of the globe, but Those published in English language like Guatemala times are more popular and helpful. Why? E-commerce is a worldwide online product selling system and English is the most common language spoken by population at large and used in most parts of the globe. Thus, most people like English source for various informations so that information is better perceivable.


The shopping needs are most important routines in everyone’s life. The e-newspaper Guatemala times is an open source information about multiple products in English language which can be better understood by a vast population. This creates popularity of this e-newspaper and best source of information for online shoppers. Online shopping is more convenient when a good source of information describes products in a better way to the customers of different level of education.