How to Choose a Trusted Application Centres for ETAS Australia

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) lets you enter into Australia and this is linked to your passport electronically. This is for short-term stay and is valid for business travelers as well as visitors. However, take care to understand that the Australia ETA is not a visa Australia to let you work.

How to choose a reputed agent to apply

Make sure that you check the services of the agent who is helping you to apply for the Australia visa ETA online.

  • They should be able to support you and apply the ETAS for you. They should be offering 24×7 services for the same. The service provider should offer any kind of support that you may require and also solve your queries even after you have applied for the ETA.

  • The service provider should allow for reapplication. This is important in case you happen to put in some wrong information in your application form. The service provider should let you replay in case the need arises.
  • The service provider should ensure that all your details are stored safely and electronically. They should have strong servers and keep your information safe. They should also get access to your information in case required in the future and give you updates about your visa process or any information that you may require.
  • The service provider should support you from the time you file the application to getting your visa. They should have staff that is ready to assist you at each stage and solve your doubts.
  • The service provider should also be checking your status of application. They should provide additional services like getting information even if you have lost the approval number or in case you have lost any information that you have submitted.

Online application for ETA

You will need to produce a valid passport and a payment method to apply for the visa online. Your travel agent can also help you to apply for ETA online.