The Eminent Ring Ceremony of Sam Houston State University

Located in the cosmopolitan city of Houston, is the famous Sam Houston State University, well known for its rich tradition and culture. Sam Houston state university is exceedingly prominent for its customary events such as:

  • The bearcat tradition
  • The Bearkat camping, the Welcome week,
  • The famed food hunts of Bearkat alley
  • Tradition of Homecoming
  • Tree of light, and
  • The very famed ring ceremony

All about the Ring Ceremony

This event was recently added to the list of customs in the year 2004 where a panel of SHSU alumni, the faculty members and the students’ body released their first ever official ring, i.e. the Sam Houston State Class Ring

The custom seeks a night stay of the Sam Houston class at the Sam Houston memorial museum for the purpose. In a case where a student is unable to participate in the event, the ring concerned can be availed from the office of alumni relations or the ring can be sent directly to the student after the closure of the ceremony.

The Sam Houston state class ring is a novel combination of tradition along with splendour. The dainty gold ring defines the pride of an SHSU student; it gives the students their unique identity in relations to the famed university of Houston.

The uniqueness of the Sam Houston State Class Ring lies in the fanciful crafting of the ring, which is decorated thoroughly on all sides. There’s an engraving 1879 along with student’s graduation year on one side, opposite to which lies the Austin hall which is the oldest structure of the university. The core consists of a star with SH inscribed on it, which denotes the state of Texas. The catchiest part about the ring is the inscription HONOR written inside, which relates to the story of Sam Houston receiving a ring from his mother.

The students wear the ring such that the SH faces them but after graduation they can face the other way denoting that the graduates are ready to face the world.