The special Texas Tech class ring for the alumni

Texas Tech is one of the most popular universities in Texas. Known as a center of learning the institute is highly regarded as one of the top universities for courses both in undergraduate and graduate levels. Marked with more than 300+ courses for the students the University is highly regarded as one of the academically excelling universities with an edge.

class ring

The Texas Tech Alumni ring

The Texas tech alumni ring is really a special honorary achievement for the students of Texas Tech. The ring stands as a symbol of pride and academic excellence. Made of gold and bestowed with the beauty of the emblem, Double T symbol of the university and aspects of learning in the institutions the ring is a fine craft and is a classic design for the students. Texas tech class ring is given to the students in a yearly event where the passing out students and the alumni are made to wear with by an honorary dignitary of the university.

Connect with the University

Connecting with the feel of the University and the Alumni is the ring that stands as a special memento for the students. Its specialty is that it stays or years to come as a symbol of the student and his learning as a part of the university. Made of 12, 14 and 18 karat gold the ring is truly a precious addition to one’s personality. One can opt to get the ring inscribed with their name or signature to make it truly unique. The ease of customization and making it special for the alumni makes this ring even more special.

The students of the Texas tech strive for a good academic performance to adore the class ring and be a name to remember in the history of the university academics forever.